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Light weight and compact for you to bring it around with you anywhere and at any point of the day.



Our bikes are designed to look ultra elegant and classy and suitable to be shown everywhere.



Only takes a few seconds for you to fold and unfold the bicycle and move to another location swiftly.

ROYALE is built and designed for a seamless transfer between the various modes of transport.


Royale folds into a box-like dimension which makes this bicycle easy to carry and store. In addition, the ROYALE by MOBOT comes with trolley wheels which allows this foldable bicycle to be easily pushed around.

Finally, one of the features that our customers loved about the foldable bicycle is that the folding is relatively easy. Most of our customers can fold the ROYALE in less than 10 seconds. Furthermore, the bike is securely folded without the use of straps or magnets.

Without a doubt, the ROYALE foldable bicycle is the ultimate choice for the urban commuter.

Some of Royale Bikes in different colors!